Overview of Tourism Industry of Countries

Overview of Tourism Industry of Countries. Turkey is a state with a territory of 781 thousand square meters. km., located at the crossroads of


Turkey is a state with a territory of 781 thousand square meters. km., located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The country is washed by four seas: in the north by the Black, in the west by the Marmara and Aegean, in the south by the Mediterranean.

Turkey is a state where many great civilizations have left their mark. Turkey is a state with a unique and, for the most part, untouched nature. Turkey is emerald seas, endless beaches and gentle sun, Turkey is mountain peaks, rapid river flows and waterfalls.

Rest in Turkey is the best value for money. Holidays in Turkey - a clear sea without jellyfish and sharks, the longest tourist season in Europe from May to October with an even mild climate, a wide variety of high-class hotels similar to entire cities with vast territories, huge swimming pools, water parks and developed infrastructure, many hotels offering all-inclusive food system, excellent cuisine, variety in the choice of food.

Holidays in Turkey are often chosen by families with children. It is in Turkey that restless animators will captivate your children from morning to evening, rest with children is mainly chosen in hotels in Kemer or Belek. beaches, children's pools, water slides, water parks,

Tours to Turkey is an opportunity to combine leisure with shopping (jewelry, leather, fur coats, sheepskin coats and textiles), holidays in Turkey: yachts, rafting, scuba diving, windsurfing, and other water sports, real golf in Belek, horseback riding, professional football fields.

Italy has long been a true tourist Mecca. Every traveler strives to get to where the famous and mysterious "boot" is located - the Apennine Peninsula, fenced off from the mainland by the western and southern slopes of the Alps. The peninsula protrudes into the Mediterranean Sea for about 900 kilometers and provides tourists with rich opportunities for recreation.

Italy is not only rich in centuries-old history and culture of the city, but also beautiful Mediterranean resorts, the purest mountain lakes sand dunes, rivers, whose water is clear and clean, as they originate from the glacial peaks of the Alps. Of great interest are the Alps themselves, where many high-class ski resorts, picturesque islands, as well as famous volcanoes, such as the great Vesuvius or Etna on an island in Sicily, are concentrated.

A trip to Italy can be a real kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences! First of all, this is a meeting with the world treasury of world cultural monuments, beautiful beaches, as well as various balneological resorts, vibrant nightlife and high-quality shopping.